Monday, July 18, 2011

සුපිරි N8 දුරකතනයක් 45000/= කට විකිනීමට ඇත ....

NOKIA සමාගමේ අවසන් දුරකතනය වන N8 දුරකතනයක්, විකිනීමට  ඇත ....

මේකෙ  අයිති මගෙ  යාලුවෙක්ට..මූ මේක හොදටම තියාගෙන ඉන්නෙ...අපිටවත් වැඩ්ය අල්ලන්න දෙන්න නැ...

මු ට ලගදි ඉදන් iphone 4gs උන හදිල...

මේ තියෙන්නෙ ඒක...

ඉතින් මුට  එක ඉක්මනට විකුනගන්න ඕන වෙලා.....මූ මේක use කරල තියෙන්නෙ පැය 39 යි.තවම ගත්ත විදියටම හොදටම තියෙනව.

Box catalog ඔක්කොම තවම හොදටම තියෙනව...

45000/= කට තමයි දෙන්න...  යාලුවගෙ phone number  එක - 0715155586

ඇත්තටම මේක සුපිරි phone එකක්...

මේ තියෙන්නෙ මේකෙ features,

  1. Shoot your masterpiece in HD

    Film, edit and perfect your high-definition masterpieces, then share them with the world. Add music, images, text and transitions – all from the phone. With a large 12 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss optics you can capture great images. The Xenon flash allows you to take good pictures in low-light conditions as well.
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  2. Powered by Symbian^3

    With Symbian^3 you can enjoy over 250 exciting new features such as HD video playback on your compatible wide-screen TV, organising your life online across three home screens. Multitask easily with the new visual task manager and switch between open apps with a single tap. All of this and more without sacrificing battery life.
  3. Connect to your home theatre

    The Nokia N8 features an HDMI connection so you can easily show off your images, videos and music on compatible televisions and projectors. All in stunning high-definition digital 720p resolution. It also features premium-quality *Dolby Digital Plus technology – compatible with home theatre systems – so movies will sound as good as they look.
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    * Dolby Digital Plus technology. Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
    Dolby Digital Plus
  4. Integrated social networking

    The Nokia N8 brings your friends together, by pulling feeds and updates from Facebook and Twitter to one handy application. Photos and videos can be shared the moment they're captured, Facebook events added to your calendar with just one click. Live updates are shown on your home screens, making it even easier to stay in touch.
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  5. Make it your own

    Personalise your phone by adding your own widgets. Not one but three live home screens – make one for work, use one for fun, and have one with your favourite picture as the wallpaper. Swipe between the home screens with an easy gesture. Download more widgets from Ovi Store.
  6. Download thousands of opportunities

    Turn your Nokia N8 into a tool for showing off, having fun and being creative. In Ovi Store you'll find thousands of different applications to constantly upgrade and improve your device. Download apps, games and videos. The possibilities to make your phone smarter, more useful and simply more fun are endless.
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